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  • Great Hotel

    The hotel is beautiful, renovated. 
    The food is varied and very tasty.
    Very close to the Sunny Valley trail, just cross the street and you are immediately on skis.
    The pool is nice and clean, the only complaint is that the water could be a little warmer.
    We will definitely come again
    jelena v, tripavisor
    March 2020
  • Enjoyment really has an address

    I spent a wonderful weekend in a completely renovated hotel. 
    The impressions are truly extraordinary. Unobtrusive but very friendly staff, comfortable rooms, beautiful interior, modern spa and delicious food prepared according to the principle of the buffet.
    Everything was really at the highest level.
    I hope to stay again and enjoy the charms of this hotel.
    bnovakovic, tripavisor
    August 2019
  • A phenomenal hotel with top service

    A beautiful, modern and elegant hotel in the heart of Kopaonik is definitely worth a visit. Congratulations to the architects of this hotel. 
    This hotel definitely became a symbol of Kopaonika in a short time. Large and clean rooms, everything is new and medium.
    The staff is extremely friendly, professional and helpful.
    They have an excellent spa with swimming pools, saunas, a steam bath and a jacuzzi.
    Breakfast and dinner quite ok. In the lobby of the hotel is an excellent cafe, well visited. Just keep going.
    All recommendations.
    Tarintata, Tripadvisor
    March 2019

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